These are my personal heroes and with this page I would like to say "Thanks!".
The list is sorted by names and not by range.

Name Website What he/she has done
Eric Allman  
  • Wrote Sendmail
  • Brian Behlendorf  
  • Created HTML (HyperText Markup Lsnguage)
  • Wrote Apache
  • Mark Bolzern  
  • Founder of the distribution RedHat
  • Alan Cox www.linux.org.uk/diary
  • TCP/IP implementation in the Linux kernel
  • Chris Demetriou  
  • Founder of NetBSD
  • Larry Ewing  
  • Creater of the penguin (called Tux) for Linux's logo
  • Jordan Hubbard  
  • One of the instigators of FreeBSD
  • Buill and Lynne Jolitz  
  • Port BSD (Berkeley System Distribution)to the PC
  • Bill Joy  
  • TCP/IP implementation in BSD
  • Rob McCool  
  • Wrote a Web server called HTTPd
    (HyperText Transport Protocol deamon)
  • Peter McDonald  
  • Putting together the SLS (Softlanding Linux System) releases
  • Dave Miller  
  • Porting Linux to the Sun Sparc
  • Ian Murdock http://ianmurdock.com
  • Founder of the distribution Debian
  • Paul Mockapetris  
  • Wrote BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)
  • Theo de Raadt  
  • Leader of the OpenBSD project
  • Thomas Roell  
  • Creater of X386
  • Rich Sladkey  
  • Wrote the NFS client and server
  • Richard Stallman www.stallman.org
  • Creater of a Unix-like system - called GNU (GNU's Not Unix)
  • Wrote Emacs
  • Wrote GCC
  • Founder of the FSF (Free Software Foundation)
  • Founder of the GPL (General Public License)
  • Linus Torvalds cs.helsinki.fi/u/torvalds
  • Wrote the Linux kernel
  • Ted Ts'o http://thunk.org/tytso
  • Creating a U.S. site for GNU/Linux provided a major boost to its availability on that side of the Atlantic
  • Patrick Volkerding  
  • Founder of the distribution Slackware
  • Larry Wall  
  • Creater of Perl
  • Wrote rn (a newsreader)
  • Lars Wirzenius http://liw.iki.fi/liw
  • Friend of Linus Torvalds
  • Orest Zborowski  
  • Port X to GNU/Linux
    ... to be continued

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