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Project short_Description Language
Converter Convertes ASCII signs to decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbers C++
Converter2 The same as Converter, but uses classes for calculation. Thx to KillerFox C++ (OOP)
CUBE CUBE generates the cube of any number C++
CUBE2 The same as CUBE, but with a special procedure of error-handling OBERON
Documentations Documentations and presentation (of ChaosMeeting Nordhausen) LaTeX
ExitProgram ExitProgram can shutdown your system, ... on a special time VISUAL BASIC
Fractals Program draws different fractals on your screen OBERON playes your favourites songs and helpes you to manage all with a few params under *nix BASH
PST The PeriodicalSystem of the Elements shows you all elements with their attidues VISUAL BASIC
prim-test It's a game. You had to guess if a number is prim or not. Every right answer gives you one point. C++
PYRA PYRA calculates surface and volume of a pyramid C++
PYRA2 The same as PYRA, but with graphical surface OBERON
roulette Small program, which is also known as "Russian Roulette" -

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